Allowing CIU to be bought with keys at a painful price

CIU is great, it allows flying the amazing Double Team missions, the amazing Ironman Competition, allows further customization of your spaceship, hardpoints etc…, and allows purchases of other amazing items.
This amazing item is great but some people who really want to take it to the next level are unable to get CHL because they can’t purchase it for whatever reason, for me, 8 euros to EGP is like 150 pounds and that’s kinda expensive.

So my idea here is to allow purchasing of CHL using at least 20,000 keys to 50,000 keys.
Only people who can save up to this amount are people that may have already bought everything they need and are ready enough to play the prestigous missions from CHL, or collect more spaceships sold as contrabands.
Of course this will take much time to get and probably not everyone will want to spend this much time when they can just pay for it.

Don’t take this personally but some dumb people might buy the 15,000 key pack twice to get the key chl and this is kinda more profit for iA

Important: This doesn’t make you doubly as awesome.


how about 2 billion keys
also what kind of free to play game would this be if literally everything was possible to achieve without paying


Suggested many times, denied equal amount of times because no one would pay for chl then.


No. CHL even if impossible to get with keys. Is supposed to be a support item for IA to earn his living. We can’t make this item less valuable any further.


Understood. Thanks for clarifying.

iA should make it 1t keys for April fools joke

Surely no one can afford it

Elon Musk

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