ALL HAIL CHOCKEN(crusader chicken)

who would say that a species that tries to destroy people so inspired by us, first UFOs and then soldiers and now crusaders.
These chickens are on their side.They don’t fight for chickens they don’t fight for people but for their lord chocken(they are not very normal).
This chicken have 5 attacks
first attack:throw three swords
second attack:will throw four swords three times
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third attack:throws lasers like “twice infinity” but yellow
download (5)
fourth attack: fires three lasers that act like in “chicken multiplicity”
download (6)
0.5 attack:a light will appear behind him and a warning will appear for the circle in which the effect of that light will be.
the effect of the light is that your spaceship will automatically overheat
download (7)
another 0.5 attack:
when he loses 50% of his health, his helmet will fall off his head. The helmet will behave like a grenade, only it will not explode and disappear after 10 seconds, but it can also be destroyed (the helmet has health as a slob)
when his helmet falls off he will show his beaten head
BigChickenCIU (2)
after that he will become twice as fast (his initial speed is like “show them who’s boss” at medium difficult


Wait so if I touch the light, it will make me overheat instantly? and it won’t kill me?

it won’t kill you,just overheat

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