Alien MotherShip Multikill Removal

(This probably won’t happend, as alien mothership is basically enemies togethers)
Is there a way to remove alien mothership multikill?
because it is supossed to be a single boss (That isn’t internally), not like Chicken Multiplicity, Henterprise chicks/chickens, Egg cannon Chickens or Chicken exponentiality. (i repeat, probably won’t happend as alien mothership is basically Enemies Together)

From what i know, if you don’t want to get multi-kill on this boss, shoot only a single part at a time.

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But he wants the bonus gone as a whole. It’s the same enemy, but the game treats the two objects as two enemies. That’s why multi-kill is possible to get on that boss.

Then again I’m saying this assuming you guys are telling the truth. I haveπ’t noticed if that’s true myself.

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Yes, you can get multikills on this one 'cos every piece is counted as different enemies, this from original CI4.

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You are correct about this.

I don’t see what the harm is. If you kill pieces faster together, you might get a score bonus. Why is that bad?


If so, can we get multikill bonus for 4+ Big Chickens on “Show Em Who’s Boss”?


I just tried it and… yes.


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