Alien Base - A new kind of mission

This new type of mission will only contain technological enemy (UCO, other saucer’s variants and some special chicken like Chickenaut and Armoured Chicken), alongside with some new waves, foes and bosses. Here are some of my ideas for this

  • AC (Artificial Chicken, not to be mistaken with Animal Crossing or Assassin Creed): This is not a real chicken, rather, it is a chicken-like robot that can shoot out every attack currently in the game, but for each spawn AC, it can only shoot out 3 different attacks (May it be laser, plasma, egg, ect…). It is quite tanky and usually only appear in 80%+ difficulty mission

  • Investigation Trip: This wave contains 3 balls with a lot of barriers and 5 foes in the center (It can be any foe depending on the difficulty but still follow the rule of only technological enemy). Each ball will appear from above the screen and move to pre-determined direction, only when u kill all the chicken can the next ball spawn, here’s the way of each balls

  • 1st balls: Move in circle
  • 2nd balls: Move in figure infinite (like the wave To Infinity And Beyond)
  • 3rd balls: Move in figure eight

While this kind of mission is much tougher when only wave with technology chicken will spawn, it also has a bigger rate of key dropping compared to normal Chicken Invasion and it also drops out random equipment from the shop (The value of the equipment depends on the difficulty of the mission, but this won’t get affected by the difficulty increase item like Superstar Hero)


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