After translation

Well, I noticed that the translation of my language (Persian) went from 100% to 80% and I went to translate parts of the game.
I translated many parts of the game and finally hit ctrl+t
What happens after this?
Do the texts I translated go directly into the game? Or will it come in the next update?
In the translator’s name field, I entered my real name because my nickname has nothing to do with my name. Is there a particular problem?

The translator’s name field was supposed to be used for credits, but because people can’t really read it was decided that it’s more safe to simply use the callsign.

The lines you have translated are now displayed for other Persian translators as a “Choice” button. If they find your version better than whatever is displayed on their end, they’ll change their own translation to yours, making it prevalent.

Oh, and if the line was empty before you translated it, your translation becomes the primary one.


Thank you

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