Additional weapons slots & weapon storage system

While playing, i thought: “What if we could have more weapons slot on the spacecrafts? What if we could store and then swap weapons?” So here’s an Idea. Two actually.
More weapons slot depending on the spacecraft, the more its advanced the more it should get, capped at 3, but only one slot has to be filled for the SC to be functional. Those weapons could be then swapped in mission with a key (N for example).
When changing weapon throught a gift, it will affect only the current weapon (for example is slot 2 is selected and the player picks a gift, the first slot will not be affected).
When one or more slot is empty, if the player picks a gift, it will change weapon, but the new weapon will effectively go in the first available slot, ready for swapping.
I myself i’m very unsure about this idea, i would like to see what the community thinks.


Reminds me Luxor with “change colour” button

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