Adding waves back to CIU

Since we have CI3U and I read some similar posts from the past so I repost this to bring back the waves such as “Chicken Harmonics”, “Do the Chicken Huddle”, “Chicken Carousel”, etc. to the original CIU. Anyone agree or you think about something else?


I find these a bit boring tbh (CI3 has too many of them and not enough of the “fun” waves like UFOs, egg-drones, egg-ships, rogue missiles, etc) but wouldn’t mind them back once in a blue moon.


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the thing you just quoted was from 2022, before any of the CIXU thing even started. expect those waves to be implemented soon (hopefully)

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I don’t know that will iA change their mind or not.
I see that mostly waves from CI3 was reworked to the new waves for CIU variant. There are some waves that were brought from CI3 original to CIU completely (Terminator Chicken, Asteroids, Treasure Shower)
Well… So weird. Why iA replied like that (March 2022), while iA had added 2 waves from CI3 to CIU in June 2022 (Pop till they drop and Reinforcement).

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CI3 is now recreated whole in CIU. Not available yet to purchase, but it happened.

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It’s not about CI3U. It’s about CI3 waves in “Chicken Invasion” mission in CIU.
Beside, some waves that have been reworked to add them to CIU, CI3U is being used for us to meet a specific wave again (which mostly same as original game).

I suppose the original thought was that these waves will only return if CI3 is recreated, being restricted to the said CI3 recreation. Perhaps the waves were not supposed to be moved over to CIU itself.

Yeah. And now that they are in CI3U they can be added to normal CIU without any effort.

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Read already but what if they change their mind?

Not. they are not the same, and im not talking about the shortages of frustrating gameplay of annoying spaceship movement, ci#u could have been ci# remastered or something but no

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