Adding old levels

I really want some of the levels from older CI games:

★Chicken Carousel (CI3)

★Missile Strike (CI3)

★Pop till they drop (CI3)

★Reinforcements (CI2)

★Chicken Geometry (CI3)


Chicken Square Dancing was already in the game and its called area measurements


i forgot

He meant the square or rectangle variant (aka area measurements)

Yeah, Thats what I said about Chicken Square Dancing as in Area Measuremets

Now that we have balloon chickens in CIU, pop till they drop seems like a no brainer.
Chicken Carousel is pretty similar to Rolling Ball ‘o’ chickens so I dunno about that.

Reinforcements was pretty long and not too exciting in CI3 IMO. I’d prefer it to be an upscaled version with four chickens coming from top and three columns of two chickens coming from the bottom two corners and the bottom like this:

Orange: Chickens coming from the top
Green: Chickens coming from the bottom
With this, a 125% zoom might be necessary.

As for missile strike, I also want to see those enemy missiles be reintroduced in CIU. But it seems that they might have made it into the list of deprecated enemies along with those egg-rocketships and UFO’s that shoot ions instead of laser beams.

And Chicken Geometry already exists in CIU.


It’s already in game.
The other ones are fine

Yea i noticed today

i think Chicken Carousel

The Chicken “Wave”

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And where is close encounters ufo mini wave? (CI3)

I assume he meant the wave of the mini ufos, not the boss itself


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Added in v.110 :medal_sports: Idea