Adding a cooldown to pausing the game over and over

I’ve seen some people pause continuously during gameplay to watch for paths within bullets. I think there should be a cooldown between pauses (3-5 seconds?) so that it’s not so easy to just spot paths like that.

Besides, if you’re able to just keep pausing and unpausing, the challenge is pretty much gone. No reaction time even needed, just a lot of pausing.

Also, perhaps make it so that you can only end session only once? I also see people abusing that to avoid deaths. I don’t think someone would need to leave two times in a row midgame, do they?


It’s more than that. I remember that someone said that they’re exiting the game so they can get better score/power-ups.

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On Discord server someone suggested to make level generation seed static for challenges and space race.

So it isn’t? You mean that levels are different for everybody?

Not levels. Let me create a post about it so it won’t lost as wormhole post.
UPD: Let me tell that Davoid already created a post about the idea I wrote in my post.

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I sometimes pause right before my death

Apart from this, I agree, but in a 120 wave mission some people unfortunately don’t have the time to just sit and mash through the whole thing in one (or even two) sittings. I have never liked games that punish players for having a certain lifestyle (or bad internet).

I don’t understand why people pause repeatedly - it ruins any fun you could possibly have. People complain about ads and stuff, but will gladly pause every few sec just to have a slightly better win/loss ratio???

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