Add the solar system

This game is a masterpiece I like it very much but I’d like to see the solar system in this game so it would be complete…
The earth was the beginning of the Chicken invaders franchise and removing it is like wearing shoes without it’s socks (I hope I made the metaphor clear)
Is there any chance IA studios will add the solar system?


The game does not take place in the Milky Way Galaxy

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It does alongside UHF, but we are not in the same place as earth

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It does not take place in the Milky Way Galaxy

the game takes place in a different galaxy

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Give or take, having the solar system be included is unlikely but there is CI1 so

ok, rechecked the question
All heroes came from earth though.

Good question, what you said about “wearing shoes without socks” it’s just make it better… do your remember some old film from east, brother and sister using the same shoes go to school? maybe someday IA would be added twice for it.

No need to be that realistic though. Just add our solar system I’m actually don’t have a problem. Or make a vote should we add it or not

I can do that for you.

Do you want the Solar System to be in CIU?
  • Yes
  • Neutral
  • No
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We already have Earth from the Anniversary Invasion, that’s why I liked your post.

I mean earth is literally the backbone of the Chicken invaders franchise…
And this game have everything the other CI games has except the Earth. I’d definitely will love to see it there

And for the anniversary it doesn’t count. I mean c’mon guys you know what I’m trying to say

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there would need to be a special case for the solar system to be generated exactly as needed (a lot of planets, moon and space burger orbiting earth)
the galaxy in CIU isn’t meant to be the Milky Way specifically. it’s also 100 years after the episodes, humanity doesn’t seem to be limited only to Earth
there wouldn’t be much use out of having it be there other than as a curiosity


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