Add BurgerMeister in the droid missions

BurgrMeister is a boss that is added in the v136 is a super powerful boss on the superhero,this throw with:buns,sauces,chickens after that turns them into dead fishes.
Please in version 140 to add BurgerMeister In the Droid Missions

i’m pretty sure he already spawns there

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Just try to find it more. Burgermeister is already in Droid Raid mission when it was added in-game.

Bro burger meister exists in droid raid mission. just try to fly mission above 40% difficulty then it will spawn .

Already exists!!!

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Bro never plays Droid Raid on 50%+ difficulty

XDDDD, this dude seem playing Droid Raid at very easy or easy difficulty
Want burgermeister in Droid Raid? Find Medium Difficulty ( about 50~75%) or (30%~45%), and bring SSH mode to make sure Burgermeister is appear to that difficulty ( not sure depend on the mission)
Better experience all Droid Raid before posting ( Or you wanna become the cringe guy)

This is already the case.

Requesting closure of topic.


This boss has been already added into Droid Raids

Shup up you are a cringe guy i play dares for quests

:moyai: :skull_and_crossbones:
In the very first time when Burgermeister witnessed a change for it to add in Droid Raid, you completely never read all the information carefully, getting a higher % to get it, where your SSH.
If you can’t meet it in only a single Droid Raid mission then just go for other ones, I am sure one of them at least will have.
Now stop and be careful with your words.

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hey kid. Stop acting like first post we have already suggested during beta.

I have never even found a droid raid lol. I hope this burgermeister shows up in boss only missions.

It does. Go nuts on everyone’s favorite Boss Rush.

Here’s Burger under Solar (Hot and Massive) conditions.

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Thank you @DePeeper Anything in the bottom right of the map where I’m at?


I am not really call you a cringe guy if you really care on the Burgermeister in the Droid Raid :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
But if u want to have it, then follow the above on @VerMishelb , it should help you

If you angry at me, my apologies for bad behavior

Do not drag me into this.