Add 5th and 6th satellites slot

In CI4 and CI5 there are total 6 satellites slot but In CIU it are 4. Müller M404 and Müller M408 have 4 slot satellites but Müller M408 is an upgrade of Müller M404

Add more 2 slots for Müller M408 pls

I’ve bought this most expensive spacecraft yesterday. In this game the number of satellites is 1-4 instead of 2-6 (I think that’s fine, the mission slots make up for it).

Alternatively, make uncommon, rare and legendary aircrafts have more satellites and slots than usual.

hmm… I don’t know uncommon, rare and legendary spacecraft have more satellites and slots than usual.

Wide-bodied ſpacecraft are planned. I think they’ll have more ſatellite docks.

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They said they will add a new type of ship that can carry more satellites in the future as I remember, They call it the “Bomber”

Now I’m going to buy 6 microgun for ‘The Mafia Style’