Achievements can be a great addition to a game like CIU, where exploration is key. Players like to gain 100% completion in games, and achievements make it not boring when doing self imposed tasks. Also instead of just another achievement for completing all achievements, players can get more paintjob options. And no, achievements will not be associated with medals just so it feels more original and not lazy. You can also add your own achievements, though follow the format and put your name on your achievement ideas so you get the credit for it.

Format (for topic, just in case. also don’t write the brackets they’re just there for example)

By [your name]:

[Achievement name]: [Achievement description]

I’ll start now.

By @SpryterTerraxian:

First steps: Complete the tutorial mission.

Pacifist: Complete an Invasion, Squawk Block or Feather Fields mission without killing any enemies. (Enemies in waves where you have to kill them don’t count, shoot them freely)

Sadist: Clean Sweep all waves in an Invasion, Squawk Block or Feather Fields mission.

Moronic Bravery: Complete a Weekly Challenge only using Moron Railgun, then contemplate your decisions.

Moronic HOW: Complete an Ironman mission only using Moron Railgun. Good luck maintaining your sanity after this.

Charles: Ram into a boss, killing it.

Drivin’ in Style: Paint your vehicle for the first time.

Rapid Fire Raptor: Obtain the Vulcan Chaingun.

Riddle Me This: Obtain the Riddler.

More Dakka: Obtain the Boron Railgun.

HYPE!!! Obtain the Hypergun.

No Kill like Overkill: Obtain the Plasma Rifle.

Splitfire: Obtain the Positron Stream.

Homing BBQ: Obtain the Lightning Fryer.

Photonic Phury: Obtain the Photon Swarm.

Don’t Play with Knives: Obtain the Utensil Poker.

Neutralizing Target: Obtain the Neutron Gun.

Reliving the Past: Obtain the Ion Blaster.

KAMEHAMEHA: Obtain the Absolver Beam.

Focused Fire: Obtain the Laser Cannon.

Steampunk: Upgrade your ship.

Deja Vu: Use Thrust Control Vectors in a mission.

Poultry Hunter: Kill at least one of all chicken breeds.

Split/Second: Clear a wave using Clucker Bombs only.

Rigg: End up last on the Space Race top 10 list.

Into the Void: Use a Dimensional Phase Out.

Too Hot to Handle: Overheat 451 times.

Speedrun any%: Complete Weekly Challenge in 35 minutes or less.

By @Enhawk

Questionable Procurement: Complete a transaction with a Shady Dealer

Outsmart the bullet: Win a mission with the Heavy Weapons Man Bomber

By @Arnav

It’s a Legendary Ship?: Buy your first legendary spacecraft in heroware

Legendary Shady Dealer: Find a shady dealer with a legendary item

An Legendary Tracker: Get every legendary items (which Includes spacecraft,thrusters,reactors and heatsinks)

That Much Firepower?: Get 50 Firepower Till the end of the mission

By @Francis

Heggemony: Win your first Ironman Competition.

First Universal Grandmaster: Win the Ironman Competition unprepared.

The New Authentic Hero: Become first in the 120th Anniversary mission by score.

Pyromaniac: Become first in the 120th Anniversary mission by time.

By @Star_Light

Chicken Master: Kill 100,000 chickens in a week.

Speedy Delivery: Get 6 space race medals in one month.

The True Hero: Win all missions of a star system.

Golden Winner: Get all first places medals in all daily challenges (easy, intermediate, hard) in a single day.

Smart Brain: Get 50 idea medals.

Genius Hero: Get 80 idea medals.

Speed Running: Play a 1×10 SHH and 100% mission in 15 minutes or less.

League Master: Win a Dare and get +20 or more points.

The Legendary Hero: Get all of the medals

By @RamonTokus

That’s a lot of damage!: Inflict total of 5,000,000,000 damage.

Bill Hens: Amass total of 2,000,000 keys.

Ending World Hunger: Sell 10,000,000 units of food in a single sell.

Assassins Assassinated: Kill 10,000 assassin chicks.

Omelette?: Defeat 1,000 Yolk-Star™

Out of Egg: Defeat 1,000 Egg Cannons.

On the way to kill Yatagarasu: Defeat 1,000 Henterprise.

No fear with Nyctalopia, Lorelei: Complete 5,000 Darkness missions.

The King was Slain…: Defeat the first place recruit in League.

Meet the Scout: Complete the H&C spacecraft collection (Rarity included)

Meet the Heavy: Complete the BX Spacecraft collection (Rarity included)

Meet the Chef: Complete the Müller Spacecraft collection (Rarity included)

Meet the team: Complete the Spacecraft Collection (rarity included)

Sale Hunter: Own everything that’s available for purchase (rarity included)

Gaze ‘n’ graze in the Eastern Base: Graze 1,000,000 meteors.

Chasin’ ‘n’ minin’ at the Western Mountain: Destroy 1,000,000 comets.

Bastin’ ‘n’ Dodgin’ near a planet boomin’: Destroy 1,000,000 supernova debris.

Heat? I don’t feel hot or anything.: Complete 6,000 missions that has hot environment.

I like Oarfish: Complete 5,000 missions that has electric environment.

I have my jacket: Complete 7,500 missions that has frozen environment.

I’m trying to move here!: Complete 4,500 missions that has massive enviroment.

Hazardous? What’s that?: Complete 4,000 missions that has 2 or more environments.

Dying Together: Clear 100 waves by dying.


Imma dump my unfinished list. Some of them are similar to the above but I’m too lazy to remove them

  • Official Chicken Hunter Purchase a CHL.
  • Rapidly Promoted Shooter Gift a CHL to one of your contact.
  • Saved the world complete all missions across the galaxy.
  • Daily Duty participate all 3 Daily Challenges continuously for 30 days.
  • Weekly Duty participate Weekly Challenge continuously for 4 weeks.
  • Archeologist participate Space Race continuously for 5 times.
  • Iron hearted participate Ironman Competition and win.
  • Reasonable Child Abuse kill 100000 chicks (any).
  • Chicken Hunter kill 100000 chickens (ordinary/pudgy/metal)
  • No Cowards kill 100000 Coward Chickens
  • Keep your distance! kill 100000 Toxic Chickens
  • Slob God is a No! kill 10000 Slobs
  • Impostor kill 10000 Chickenauts
  • Penetrator kill 10000 Armored Chickens
  • Undefined Fantastic Object destroy 100000 UFOs
  • I AM the Boss! kill 10000 bosses
  • Skillful Masochist complete 100 Elite Missions without mountables and satellites.

Arent the medals achievements anyway?

Technically yes

I like the idea in general because I’ve already suggested something similar to this before, except for the part where those achievements were related to ribbons, badges and other profile customisation stuff. graphics for badge, ribbon and token in example was stolen from warface


They are, but they’re more like short term achievements. Proper Achievements are more for the completionists, and adds some more cheap content that the game desperately needs.

Yes, but medals are collectibles, not achievements. The number of them matters more than their obtaining, and thus, they make for poor achievements.

I’ve got an idea about topic.
Out of getting the achievements get some keys.
Add number of keys that will be awarded in the achievements.
Do you agree spryter?

That is a valid option, though giving players keys everytime can make the rewards feel not thought of at all and implemented lazily. Paintjobs or anything else can make for better rewards, though giving keys in some places can also work.


I don’t think achievements are strictly necessary (especially if we already have medals), but I want to add a few fun ones to the list regardless.

Chicken Waveologist: Clear every type of wave at least once.

I’ll try them all: Use every weapon type in a single mission (Moron not required).

Custom Built: Modify every customization option on a single spaceship.

Really Custom Built: Mount five or more hardpoints on a single spaceship.

Old School: Clear the 120th Anniversary Mission using only the Ion Blaster.

Boy Genius: Clear a 100% or higher difficulty mission using only the Neutron Gun.

Perfect Shot: Hit five chickens with a single Laser Cannon shot.

Unlimited Power: Using only the Lightning Fryer, simultaneously inflict damage on more than ten chickens.

Stay Focused!: Fly an entire mission with the Vulcan Chaingun without letting weapon heat exceed 50%.

Like spreading butter on a chicken sandwich: Clear an entire wave with the Plasma Rifle without releasing the fire button. (No Satellites or Special Weapons allowed).

A Delicate Balance: Using only the Boron Railgun, clear an entire mission in a “Hot” environment without overheating your weapon.

Lazy Pilot: Obtain clean sweep with the Photon Swarm without moving your spaceship. (No Satellites or Special Weapons allowed).

Now Streaming: Win a league challenge using only the Positron Stream.

Hyperactive!: Using the Hypergun, get five consecutive Clean Sweeps in a Classic Mission.

Marksman: Using the Riddler, complete an entire mission with an average accuracy of 90% or more.

I don’t bring snacks to the movies: Using the Corn Shotgun, fly twenty consecutive waves without reaching maximum heat.

POW: Destroy fifty chickens with a single Absolver Beam blast.

Use the Forks: Defeat the Yolk-Star™ using only the Utensil Poker.

Thenos: Destroy exactly half of the targets in a single wave.


Medals are just additional things you earn in a mission if you’re not playing competitive. Achievements however can only be achieved once, and are more unique from the medals and act as milestones for the player. They can also reward you with something, though I recommend paintjobs. It’s more content for the completionists.

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Yeah, I tried to come up with the sort of thing that you wouldn’t want to shoot for more than once.

Also, one more:

My tongue got thtuck to the winthield!: Fly twenty waves in a “Cold” environment without dying.


Not related to current convo, but if that’s not the funniest line in CI5 I don’t know what is. Besides the Swedish couch, that is.


You guys seems to forgot that this stuff is really good for Steam version of CIU…maybe


Hard completionist grind awards like “kill Yolk Star 1000 times” are a big no-no for Steam awards. Either make it easier or be more creative.

Yeah, achievements should go fine. Wonder what IA has to say about this.


I second this. One of my main thoughts was making this was to not include grinding medals or even if they were there, they should be achievable without players going out of their way to do it. Achievements about Idea and Bug medals also shouldn’t be added because many players won’t have been on Forums.

Not really canon: Defeat The Egg Cannon Cannon Cannonade for the first time.


I suspect if we’re going to get Steam Achievements at all, iA will probably just make them correspond to medals.

That’s a great name, and very clever. I love it. :joy:

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Hen-to-Hen: Complete 5 Elite Double Team missions flawlessly (no death, etc)

They won’t stop coming!: Kill 5,000,000 enemies.

Granny Shooter: have 100% accuracy in a mission.

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reverse bump police
The Quicker, The Better: Get 10 early birds

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