Achievements badges: Food and special weapon

Hi. Thank you for this game.
I see some bugs on these badges: 90% collecting food and Do not use any special or mounted weapon.
I play on easy very much waves and I have time to collect all food. But I don’t receive any achievement, badge for this.
And second: 99% from cases I don’t use grenades or attached special weapon, even I have spacecraft empty and I finish all 100 waves, I don’t receive any badge, achievement. Can You help me fix this or explain me it has to be in this way?

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If you’re talking about the “Medal of Great Appetite Achievement”…
Screenshot (195)

This medal requires there to be at least 10 food dropped in the wave. Not 10 individual food items, but at food items totalling at least 10 food points dropped. If the wave only drops a total of 9 food, you won’t be able to get the medal.

Playing on such easy missions means that mostly only chicks would be spawning. Their chances of dropping food is much lower, and you’ll most likely be unable to get the medal for each wave.

If you mean the “Medal of Extreme Appetite Achivement”…
Senza_nomeScreenshot (201)
This requires you to pick up a total of 90% of all the food dropped in the entire mission. You don’t have to get the “Medal of Great Appetite Achievement” in all waves to get this.

If you mean the “Superior Budget Thriftiness Commendation Medal”…
SuperiorBudgetThriftinessCommendationMedal (2)
Screenshot (197)
You cannot use any special weapons for the entire mission. (Missiles, Mines, Damage Amplifiers, Dimensional Phase outs, Clucker Bombs, Shockwave Capacitors) Screenshot (193)
Bringing them is fine, but you cannot use them.

If you mean the “Recognition Medal of Self-Restraint”…
RecognitionMedalOfSelfRestraintScreenshot (199)

You cannot use any special weapons for just one stage. You can get this more than one time in a mission, if there is more than 1 stage.
(Each mission has 1 to 4 stages. Each stage is separated by a boss. Besides, why do you think the game shows “Stage Clear!” instead of “Mission Complete!”?)

If you mean the “Outstanding One Man Army Medal”…
OutstandingOneManArmyMedal Screenshot (196)
You cannot use any Satellites for the entire mission. You can pick them up during missions, but you cannot use them.
Screenshot (194)

If you mean the “Conspicuous No Help Commendation”…
ConspiciousNoHelpCommendationScreenshot (198)
You cannot use any satellites for just one stage. You can get this more than one time in a mission, if there is more than 1 stage.

I hope these help you understand how these medals work.

Hint: Click on the medals at the end of mission results screen and you can find out what you have to do to get each medal.


Thank you very very much for detailed explication.


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