Achievement System

image A new feature you haven’t seen in any part of Chicken Invaders
Ideas how to realise that (Ignore tasks, look this only for mechanic of achievements)


Medals are used for something similar already



Oh come on! Medals are something similar, there shouldn’t be an “Achievements” mechanic and a “Medals” one at the same time! That would drive people :crazy_face:!

sadly, i wanted Achievements with special Reward(Special Content which you will not find for Keys), if you not want to complete achievement and you want get reward instantly you can buy for real money
@InterAction_studios need give special content which you can’t buy for ordinary keys, i don’t know Exclusive Paint, Golden Nicknames and so on

In my opinion making paid only cosmetics is a bad idea. It’s better than a skin lootbox, but atleast you can grind for them. I could see something like a “Support medal” for buying stuff, but all cosmetics should be buyable in-game too. But again, that’s just my subjective point of view.


The only core difference between Medals and Achievements (I think at least), is that Medals can be obtained more than once, while Achievements can’t.

That being said, if there were Achievements in the game, I think they need to be obtained in much more difficult ways than medals are currently.

So achievements act like more difficult medals?

Possibly. Or something like that.

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