Accounts auto-switch whenever i opens the game

When i close the game, it automatically switches to my brother’s account, and I HAVE to switch it back to my main account whenever i opens the game again

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Maybe its a bug or your bro is using one of accounts

The game can’t save its profiles file ( for some reason.

Please perform exactly the same steps as you did in your video, then quit the game and send me the log file CIU.log which is in C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU\ia\143


Problem solved, this topic is ready to be closed

The problem turned out to be that the first run of v.143 was done using administrator privileges (“Run as administrator”), so the created file was not writable by regular users (so any changes to it could not be saved).

I was under the impression that files within C:\ProgramData\ were always writable by all users (or at least, inherited the access permissions from their containing folder), but apparently that is not correct. Will investigate this some more.


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