Account Deletion

I need steps to proceed to my account deletion withlut getting back forever

Note : i amnot new user, just deleted my avatar and turned off security settings in addition to changing my email address to start the process

If you want to leave log out of all devices , and why you want to leave the forum ?

There’s currently no way to delete your account manually.
InterAction however, can.

Just for simple solution, just uninstall the game. You can always return back whenever you want. Also

This one depends on you.

I amnot a chicken invaders player anymore, so why would i keep it ? I just wasted my time playing a game for kids, according to my age the game is no longer suitable for me. Now i play another game, started this year ( 9 months ago)

How about forum acccont, i want to cancel all of my communications here in addition to deleting other data for my account.

Just leave the forum, and never open it. There’s no point for the need of deleting everything you have posted here.

Also, because it’s a game for kids, doesn’t mean you aren’t supposed to play it. Sometimes, playing these type of games is good for your health.

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Isn’t Chicken Invaders a game for… everyone to enjoy?



IA is not a kindergartener, And All of his games is for all ages.


I mean, we have lumberjacck (whos 31 years old), so it’s for all ages

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Contact IA for it, only choice, if he doesn’t respond you can block and hide this site.

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I was just pointing out the point for them. I am aware that this is suitable for all ages.

And yeah, my grandparents enjoy this game.

fun game for all ages


And definitely one of the best childhood games.


From 10 years to 20 years ago, isn’t it?

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It was my best favorite game since i was 5, until it was time to change the favorite game to another, i just find nothing new in this game they are just adding more waves, bosses…etc, when i became older i found this game not suitable for my age anymore, just went to find another game which is suitable for someone like me.

Someone else has already told me these words

Grinding CIU is suitable.

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