Absolver Beam + Atomic Powerup (bug?)

When I was fighting a hard-level mission, I tried using the Absolver Beam on chickens and would always charge it in advance (since it takes a long time) and every time I caught the Atomic Powerup, it would release the beam into the void the moment I got it. I am not sure if it’s intentional, but from what I can deduce, it’s because it cancels out the heat bar, but it’s rather problematic and can get you cornered if you planned to use it to destroy a projectile.

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Known. It’s an unfortunate technical necessity.


I thought this is how it works the whole time :neutral_face:

I understand you and I can already imagine feeling cornered and having the absolver bean.

But it needs to shoot into the void because when you take an Atomic power up it has to change the thickness of the absolver




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