About Wormholes

I know you can’t see people on wormholes you have not explored, but…

You can locate contacts on wormholes you’ve not explored.

Yes, I’ve located someone in a wormhole with contacts!

Me too, i can view “James” in contacs

I can’t find any wormholes :sob:

Bruh I found a wormhole but I can’t enter it because I need to purchase something expensive :frowning:

I thought names of the wormholes have been changed after IA regeneration

I wanted to tell about the last post on the topic.

You need the event horizon stabilizer to enter the wormhole

Yes, I’m missing it

For more than 1000 keys :smiley:

I found one but then I can’t see it anymore :sob:

GuestUniverse found a wormhole, nice. And it’s near from my oldest explored galaxy.

Facts: RoboCat found all

Where is the Ina’hitelan Wormhole ?(The Wormhole that I’ve but loss the location)

found it

Credit to @BoggY for image

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Why don’t you see this topic?

And why not this?

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