About v100 idea ( Satellite, text disappear and mercenary )

Hello, this is the first time I create this and I hope everyone and IA can support me ( I was a little shy when i made this post). I have some idea for version 100 and this is what i give:

-First, this is my new satellite: G22 grenade launcher with 3 different viewing angles and 1 bullet type.

This idea is inspired by MGL - a revolver grenade launcher and it took me 1 hour to draw it.
The purpose of this idea is to replace 2 weapon ( Absolver Beam and Plasma rifle ) with the ability to disable chicken’s protective bubbles in explosive range it deal. Damage can range from 500 to 700.

-Second, this is mention to text disappear:

I mentioned this change to IA but he said that i should post this ideas in the public forum so i have to prepare to make this post so everyone in the forum can comment and rate about this idea.
I hope IA can change this CI5 text disappear style from trueuser idea (v58.2) to change it back ( faded away ) or like " Chicken invader universe " text appear intro: Expand the vertical part of the text when it appears and close when it disappears…

-There’s a third idea about mercenaries, but I don’t have enough time so I’ll summarize the idea like this:
Once I noticed the ship Hen solo and it act as a temporary ally in chapter 2 CI4 and I was thinking about what it would be like to add Hen solo as a mercenary spaceship in CIU. So if you guys want to see more my mercenary ideas I’ll repost on a day off.

Hope everyone understands because my English is not perfect and what I described above may not be clear, so if there are any mistakes in this article, please give me suggestions. :innocent:


The first two ideas are OK suggestion for the game but the third one was already suggested by me

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Sorry, but he wont come back due to copyright issues

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Besides, wouldnt Hen Solo become rng

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Oh, i see

Hmm, every satellite except for the Microgun can pierce through the bubbles and deal damage, and there are two satellites with a somewhat similar effect to this (Bird-Flu Gun and ICBM). If this is supposed to destroy the bubbles permanently then it would probably have some situational advantages over the other satellites.


Unless microgun ( cant pierce through the bubble ), every satellite can deal damage but these have some drawback:

  • Barbequer : Poor at long range
  • Bird-Flu gun : the accuracy is poor because of low muzzle velocity
  • ICBM : have only 5 rocket, deplete fast. If there’s ammo left, it won’t be enough for the next waves.
    And that is the reason why i add laser scope on the side of the barrel ( grenade launcher ) to make it shoot more accuracy, ammo capacity may be from 10 - 14 round.

Huh? It’s not inaccurate at all.


bird flu is neutron icbm


but u pretty much need to guess where will the enemy move in order to get this weapon hit the enemy


The weapon is literally designed for hordes of enemies. If you can’t hit a single enemy out of like 20 that are clumped together, then idk what you’re doing.


maybe the mercenary idea might be better if there is more variety of ships, not hen solo

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boss battle :moyai:

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What about it?

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