About the "Make Favourite" function for Assigned Missions

@ngothang and I have been thinking about this for a long time, that why assigned missions can’t be made favourite.

As you see, we can’t make favorite our assigned missions.

But what is the point of this? There are many interesting missions that Mission Collectors want to save. You know, the point of creating squadrons is that people can share their missions with other. So why @InterAction_studios does not let we save them?

If you can’t agree with us, keep reading. I have something to show you.
Recently, @ngothang has detected a small tip that let you save your assigned missions. Play them as Multiplayer mode with another account hosting, partially fly it, and the missions will appear at your recent mission!!!. Now you can make favourite it (of course finish it first)!!!
But, what I want to say, is that if there is no “Make Favourite” function for Single Player, why there is still a way to make favourite (although you must use Multiplayer Mode)? @InterAction_studios should take a look at this topic, and choose the most appropriate solution for this problem.
Thank you for reading.


I agree, this restriction is pointless because we can go online and ask for the coordinates of the missions anyway, or have someone open a multiplayer session.


fuel cost


Lel I’m replying this topic so that it would not be forgotten :((

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