About the game lagging

Since I bought that many Spacecrafts, the game starts to lag a little bit: like when clicking on contacts, squadrons, empty slots, etc… which wasn’t bothering me much. Then about 4 days ago the game starts lagging more, it even lagged while playing, it only lagged at the end of a wave when collecting coins/food. Also at that day I clicked “Allow” for notifications at AdFly to download something and it kept sending me annoying notifications. I don’t know if this has anything to do with CIU or not (I just wrote that at any case so forgive me). I used to even turn Google Chrome notifications but still the game lags. However today I successfully blocked AdFly notifications so now it doesn’t send me anymore, but the weird thing is that CIU kept lagging even more. It literally lagged all time now which was very annoying. Then I had this bright idea to switch to “Full screen” instead of “Borderless” and the game is mostly fixed, it doesn’t lag much as it used to at “Borderless” (at least I can play without lagging). But the thing is I can’t screenshot in “Full screen” mode, so I had to switch to “Borderless” to screenshot, then go back to “Full screen” and continue playing. It is really a pain (I know marksam123 reported it).

So basically the questions I need answers for are:

  1. Does AdFly notifications have anything to do with CIU lagging?
  2. Is there a way to screenshot in “Full screen” mode?
  3. Can buying many Spacecrafts cause the game to lag a little bit?
  4. Is there a way to make the game not lag much at “Borderless” mode (or “Full screen” mode too)?
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What windows version are you using? If it’s at least 8, then you’re in luck. Simply use Win+PrtScr keys and it should take a snapshot then.

Probably yes, because the game has even more data to store and process, meaning that your memory will start to be clogged because of this. It happens in a lot of games as you progress, so I think that having a lot of stuff can cause the game to lag.

A) Turn your graphics to lower settings.
B) Turn off any useless applications in the background.
C) If you’re using a laptop, try to keep it properly ventilated because overheating may also cause lag.

Probably, because your computer has even more processes to run in the background using your memory even more.

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Windows 10, 64-bit.

I tried pressing Windows+PrtScr but it pasted a white image.

Would it lag more as time passes?

I have the game in Local Disk which is only half full.

No, thankfully I’m using a computer.

Is opening many tabs on Google the same as opening one tab?

And why does it lag more in “Borderless” than in “Full screen”?

It would, since your computer will be handling excessive things for a really long time.

I can’t help you then, sorry. Maybe you can find some screen recording software to take pics?

I meant RAM. Not the storage. You RAM will be really busy and piling up more processes will introduce lag fairly quickly.

Not at all. Each tab takes up space, meaning that multiple tabs can easily make your computer lag even more.

Windows gives more priority to full screen applications than to windowed ones. That’s why.

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This happened to me aswell
Edit: I’ve been noticing that for a quite awhile and my laptop starts to overheat on highest setting

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I recommend you keep a book or something to prop your laptop up a bit, since that way the heat can go away easily. Don’t keep it on the fan vent though.

Thanks for the help though and I’ll try not to keep my laptop from overheating

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Probably not. However, if AdFly or any other application is using your CPU in the background, you will notice CIU lagging. What CPU do you have? Run “dxdiag” if you don’t know – it’s listed on the first page under “processor”.

Also check your available memory. Bring up task manager (type “task manager” in the start menu), “performance” tab. How much does it say you have? (xxx/xxx GB)

I haven’t been able to reproduce or fix the white screen problem yet. It’s weird that Win+PrtScr doesn’t work either :frowning:


Try windowed mode, and reduce the window size as much as possible. This will only help if your GPU is slow, however. It will not help if your problem is CPU or ram.

I’d suggest rebooting your PC and running CIU immediately, without loading any browsers or other optional software, to see if this improves things at all.


Try Windows+Shift+S and select the whole screen

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I think no.

Press F9, I at first, knew that way, until i forgot about CI games, and remembered it again, until i forgot the way to screenshot CI games until I made a topic about it and I just remembered the way to screenshot again.


Well, you can just set the priority to higher. I did this and it reduced the lag much and i was able to play a bit well. Just make sure to close processes that use high memory to experience not much lag.

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It does, a lot. It would require Google Chrome/whatever browser they’re using to be running constantly, and according to my task manager, Microsoft Edge is currently consuming 987 MB of RAM. Usually I have to close all other windows for my games to run smoothly.

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try to uninstall some useless apps and games, because it takes places and reduce GBs, and that makes some apps and games lags, try to go Control panel then find programs tab, enter it and see what apps or games you want to install, if found one, right click on it then uninstall

and yeah, the cookies of the websites can make this problem, if you using cookies in some websites, close it

that’s all what i got until now, hope it fix when the same issue happens again :slightly_smiling_face:

You realised my white screen problem just now :joy: (replying to OP, not you Baron).

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On a phone, yes, but on PC that’s a largely unhelpful suggestion. Apps usually aren’t loaded into the RAM at all times like a phone, but some apps (say, Discord and Java Update Checker) run all the time consuming RAM space. Ultimately it comes down to available RAM space, and while a near-filled hard drive may experience performance issues, it’s not by much, but it can. Anyway, we’ll need to see this screen of task mananger:

(If you’re on Windows 10, you’ll have to click the “More Details” button to get separate tabs. Just screenshot it and post it here, and we’ll see the issue from there.)


Is it this one: image

Or maybe this:

There is it:

That’s great to know.

I don’t know, I prefer the game full screen.

My RAM says: image (I hope this helps).

The only thing I use is Google but ok, I’ll try and if anything different happened I’ll reply again. One more thing: is opening many tabs on Google cause the game to lag even more?

I pressed Windows, then Shift, then S but sadly it didn’t do anything.

It didn’t do anything either.

How to do that?

No, actually when I was a newcomer, but I didn’t know much back then. The game was “Full screen” by default (I think) but when it turned automatically to “Borderless” during the updates I didn’t have a problem with it until now.

It was clicked by default :wink:

Just go to Task Manager, then go to Details tab, right click on CIU.exe then Priority >, then select Realtime, it will say something like “setting it to higher may cause some instability”, just press yes and get back and you will feel that the game is faster a bit.

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wait how

F9 creates screenshot in .bmp format right in save directory, which means in 56 folder for now.

Also, iirc Win+PrtScr saves screenshot in default Pictures folder.

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Yes, since you could see on task manager they use many memory

Oh rly? (This whole thing barely eats 2GB our of 8)