About the future of the game

Will the game be free when the full version comes out?And will it be on other devices,i’d love if yall do that and for the community as well

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It will be the same as it is now, free with optional in-app purchases. iA has planned for it to be on other devices, but unknown when.


So currently, IA is going through ship balancing (Specifically deciding VF actual special ability)
Next he might add some content before releasing an IOS version (not sure about android)
and also a Mission editor is planned

yes the game will be free, but some feature will be locked out and requires CHL aka chicken hunter license which currently unlocks very hard missions like double team and ironman, and other cosmetic changes and exclusive ship price reduction


Maybe this game will free but about community…if you a old player,you will see very much toxic player here


It won’t come out on google play about some past issues,if u want to know read about it in the ia official website,i hope they release a 3rd party download link like they did with the non steam version of the game,it be cool

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Actually, the non-steam version is the original. It’s not that they made it as an alternative, it’s the other way around.

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I’m talking about IA bringing the android version a 3rd party installation because they can’t bring the game to the google play

I know, I was talking about what you said about steam.

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Well ok

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So how about the feature of boosting fire for pressing fire twice?

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It is available,u gotta buy it,it’s called overdrive cost like 400 keys

That is very unlikely, because the main goal of mobile version is the advertisement revenue which can’t be done without Google easily.

It’s pre-bought actually. Just got to equip it.

It’s pre-equipped actually. Just got to not sell it

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