About the CIU development category

Anything related to ongoing CIU development (replaces the older #early-access category)


What’s the fate of #early-access ? Will it be merged here?
Also, I feel like neither your message is complete, nor I’m supposed to talk here.

Also, is there any more changed to categories after CIU release? Will this forum stay for CIU even after new episodes?

No. That was just the default template message when creating a new category.

Early Access will remain, although I’ll prevent posting in that category (somehow).

Not really. To be honest, we could equally just rename #early-access and skip creating a new category altogether.



How about making it specific for Beta version release (Will help to differentiate between normal CIU and beta one, while bringing regulars ability to change category).

What will you do if you make new games? Well, I guess you won’t make CI6 or smth early access like CIU.

Oh. But what unofficial releases?

Welcome to the new era

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