About Slob Chicken

Close enough-ish.

Well, in such scenario, Slobs would be much more punishing for not only plasma/absolver players, but for everyone, so they should be much more rare, to not cause total mayhem.

They would not be punishing for Absolver players still - at full charge the beam would vaporize the projectiles, and as was pointed out about a weak ago, the projectiles spawn at the point of impact.

So this would only affect Absolver players if they charged the beam enough to destroy the slob without being at full, projectile-destroying charge - arguably less likely than the current situation.

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Nvm, forgot it works like this XD Anyways, that change would be a huge slob buff.

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My point here is consistency, if implemented, slob will only shoot that multi-direction attack ONLY ONCE, on the verge of its death. With every weapon (except Absolver, and if I don’t miscalculate) It would reach its hp between 10% and 0% no matter what (thank to its tanky hp), even in slighest second. And if it’s too complicated then it could be changed when it dies, but I think, it wouls bw too similar with toxic. And if implemented, all players should be aware of that. I think, it’s better than uncertainty.

Absolver isn’t the problem here, because it will obliterate it instantly, unless you use non-max charge shoots, then it’s your problem, because you have the solution already.

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So in wave that the game spams slobs, it would be absolute bullet hell

The reason I am for using this attack, when slob dies, is the fact how obvious this is for new players. If someone sees that every time they kill this chicken, it always does that speciall attack, they will quickly understand its mechanics. If we do this 10% hp threshold, it might not be that obvious.

Yep, that’s why I am convinced, that both those solutions must come with decrease of Slob numbers in waves, if implemented.

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