About Skipping Henterprise

It is very possible to skip every phase of Henterprise even at max difficulty as almost every weapons do relatively massive dps to bosses. The 3 major bosses are screen wide, so almost every damage dealt to them. To prevent 100% damage output taken, they have their own strategy, Yolk Star with its laser cannons, Egg Cannon with chicken wobble and egg launch, and Henterprise is supposed to be with its chicken and feathers.

But the problem is Henterprise didn’t come with it at the beginning. During shooting the big laser which in fact is too slow, it had no protection. You have 100% damage output, in this way, you can skip its all phases.

To prevent skipping Henterprise fight I have a simple solution: make its laser shooting period shorter. So it will start spewing feathers earlier to block your damage output.


Maybe the bosses could have actual AI as opposed to predefined patterns to keep playthrough random and interesting, maybe? Most other games have bosses with AI, and that makes them even harder to deal with, you know?

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I would like to see bosses having AI so they will have different traits depending on how you treat them. Thus will allow different strategies to deal with them and most likely also prevent monotonous boring strategy such as staying at the corner.

But for this one I want to keep the simplicity.

Rather than only spewing feathers periodically, the Henterprise also does it little by little throughout the battle (much like how you see the feather fields). RIP fp level 0-2 weapon users.

Why not simply make Henterprise immune to any damage during the laser attack?

On retreat (phase change) it already has a damage immunity

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Or just make it not use its laser attack every single time it switches sides. It doesn’t really do much.


My reason not to pick this way is when you’re on low firepower you still have some chance to deal some free damage as cleaning feathers with low firepower is a pain. It also would be a boring waiting session.

RIP big laser. I know it doesn’t do much, but it’s still its gimmick, so sad if its large cannon become a decoration only.

That’s why I said only for when it switches sides.
Still, maybe we could let it do something more interesting with the laser. Like, idk, using it in the middle of some other attack? It basically just lets you annihilate it in its current state.
I mean, your original suggestion is fine, too, mine was mostly a reply to Stardrone.

Maybe we could think up another attack that uses the laser? Preferably one that is at least mildly dangerous.

In a split second before the beam fires, the Henterprise immediately aims the main cannon to the players location.

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