About score and medal calculation after complete wave,stage,mission



  • As you can see in the image, my base score after the Intemediate Daily is 7941263. BUT, i can 100% so sure that my final base score was 7947363 (Higher than the image) (The final boss was Crab 2.0).
  • This made me remember how the score and medal calculation in CIU. I guess that the game calculate too fast - the calculation has already done while i have just only collected half of the coins drop from the boss. And that result in lower point or fewer medal than expected.
  • Hope IA or anyone can explain if my guess is correct, or i misunderstand something. Thanks alot!

  • I think i will go for another example for more exact information.
  • This is mission complete screen:
  • And this is result screen:
  • We can clearly see that base score, food collected (or even the mission time) are lower than those in the first image.


Hmm what about a new medal? Medal that you earn when you dont overheating for the whole mission.


This happens because the points/food you get after the “Career medals awarded” bonus pops up at the end of the mission do not count.


But I don’t ſee any reaſon they ſhouldn’t.