About Retro Mission

Just a few questions.

  • I do wonder what is the block resolution of the screen where retro invaders move? It’s really difficult to count it on screen (via screenshot).

  • Is it possible for any zoomed out waves?

  • If it is, what would be the desirable resolution/s?

I think that the reſolution ſhould be the ſame regardleſs of zoom.

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You meant the screen resolution? That’s not it.

For example, this retro invader had a 10x9 block resolution. If the stage be zoomed out then only the ship will be affected.youtube

Invaders move on a 10x10 px grid.

If the camera zooms out then the grid will also become smaller.


Thanks, I do have some idea in regards of that.

I did count it myself. For a 16:9 screen it’s dimensions were 109x193.

Invader ships fire its bullets on the center, which is rather weird as it has another “screen” to hold it’s blocks on.

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