About repetitive ideas

Hi guys.
There are a lot of repetitive ideas in the community that have not been added and still some people like me express them. It is true that adding some of those ideas is very difficult but adding some ideas is really easy For Example adding A gift for Moron Railgun. Why during this time a new bullet called Absolver Beam was added, but Moron Railgun still does not have a gift!
I’m not talking about Moron Railgun.This is an example … the same goes for the rest of the ideas
But why aren’t they added?
Will they be added to the final version?

And when will you all users who suggest that idea finally get that this weapon isn’t supposed to be used (on later levels). It serves just as starter weapon which you can quickly leave and get something better.


and I was the first one who express his opinion and ask for a gift!
just to make some UHF members happy how about make it an unlockable gift …simillar with some unlockables weapons from the last episodes… if you want to have this gift you will buy it …if you don’t you will be free to save your keys for other stuff!!!

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If you want to torture yourself, why not just stick with Moron on :zap:0?

I think you guys still don’t get what Moron Railgun is about: you’re supposed to replace it with an actual weapon as soon as possible.



Do you see this?
I’m talking about repetitive ideas not Moron Railgun!

I do.

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I have Ion Blaster :zap:8
Photon Swarm :zap: 8
Neutorn gun :zap: 2

Are you sure?

You literally asked why it is that way.
Just adding “I’m not talking about moron railgun” at the end doesn’t mean anything if you did just that.


Moron Railgun was an example for repetitive ideas.

And by bringing it up you automatically talk about it.
Anyway, what do you want to do with repetitive ideas? As you probably saw now with moron railgun, they are not always good ideas even if they repeat much. Also you can’t just force IA to add something. You need to be patient. Some of ideas will make it into the game and some won’t.

Like I said, even if they repeat much that doesn’t mean they are good.

CIU engine is rather specific from what I’ve seen so far on this forum so it can require too much work for something which would be easily added on different engines. So yeah, IA does everything manually.

Define they. If you’re talking about repeating ideas - no. If you’re talking about every idea - also no.
And define final version. If CIU is a hit then it won’t have a final version. If you mean, end of Early Access then some ideas also won’t make it (for example: IA said that planetary missions will need to wait after release)


For example CI3 waves.

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