About my lost CIU data

Hello There ! you probably may know me from youtube but i am here to talk about my CIU Save.
First of all i am a casual chicken invaders player. and as usual everyone makes mistakes ! so this is my mistake i had a problem with my pc didin’t boot much more and i fixed the problem with removing eeverything on my pc and i lost my save. i dont know how i can get it back but ill guess i will start again if i can’t get it back
P.S Callsign is RapidRacism
And My New “account” callsign is TheMonkey500


You need to message IA your callsign if that account you have has a lot of progress, and then he will restore it.
Also, if you are going to start from new, play until you get a callsign, then message IA to move it to that account.
However, IA is sometimes busy, so you need to wait a little.


Well i’ll better wait until they respond :slight_smile:

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Good for you. :+1:

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