About Missions can only be played once

Let’s say you play an important mission located on a certain planet (like Key Rush), and you fail, then meaning you will never be able to complete the mission on that planet again, because that mission can only be done once.

3/4 of the mission will be completed

That means you will never complete 22,167 missions.

So I want missions that are done only once to not count as missions of that planet (Like Droid missions)


You’re saying that: Missions that can only be flown once should be marked as “won” even though you had lost them.
In that case, they should be marked as “Missions flown” not “Missions Won”, which already exists but not the menu on which you have specified.

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I think it is necessary to issue a warning that this is a one-time mission.



I think iA can solve this problem by simply not giving you any keys until you emerge a victorious in that mission, after that the mission will be closed.

But what about scores and food, players can still collect it.

You’ll get less food and score every try (we can ban the food until he complete the mission tho)

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