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(Key points are highlighted in bold.)
Meteor Storm is no doubt one of the hardest grind methods. Comet Chase, Supernova and sometimes even Retro, do not even come close in terms of difficulty.

In v44, Meteor Storm got made more difficult, which will depend on luck. They now have a chance to come from the back, which for bombers, is a nightmare due to their inability to move quickly enough to hopefully dodge out of the way of a incoming asteroid. This also makes them unable to destroy the asteroids without a huge risk.

I would suggest at least increasing the base multiplier to 75-80% or revert it back to 100%, since it can be so difficult. At the same time, the asteroids do not give a lot of score either. (Small gives 100. Medium gives 200, and Large gives 400.) I know scoring in Meteor Storm is based on the Proximity Bonus, which I would rather call “Grazing”. But that means you’d have to risk yourself to get score. Could the asteroids at least get a Score boost?

Small should give 400. Medium should give 700, and Large should give 1,000 (change this if you think they’re too little, or too much). As for the “Graze” bonus, I suggest multiplying the bonus points by 1.5 (or make it continuously increase your score as long as you’re within proximity of one). That way, at least the score gain will probably be on the level of Comet Chase/Supernova/Retro.

Hopefully these will be taken into consideration. Thank you iA in advance.
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I usually end up getting more score by simply destroying all asteroids with Vulcan Chaingun though, so I agree the bonus needs a boost.


I haven’t played a meteor storm for a while, but I know the pain in CI3 that the final meteor storm wave which has super quick asteroids sometimes come from the bottom. Yup, this needs a key/score increase

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Changed in v.45 :medal_sports: Idea


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