About it is cold in space


it is cold in space this kind of bossed when yo hit it her clothes start to separate from her body gradually
my idea is when part of her clothes fall a weapon gift full from up

if this idea already suggested give me the link and thanks


No, Sweater chicken is very easy tday, even in High difficulties, we dont need this

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What about increasing speed every time it loses a cloth?


that will be hard, it’s fast enough.


I thought you gonna suggest making falling clothes destroy spaceship when it touches them

do I have to look at people’s ideas carefully

Idk, maybe increase its speed by 10% every time a cloth is strip away?

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I support the clothes doing damage idea, as do many other people.



Fall from top.

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Ugh, no. We dont need more Gifts like Iron chef, but more velocity is best, oh yeeah

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I’m against. Bosses drop too many gifts is way too forgiving. That’s why CI4’s bosses are easier.


it is already easy enough

I thought it was already like that (I thought that because I thought that. I mean that I didn’t touch the clothes because I thought I could die so I never knew if my thoughts were right and it seems that they weren’t).

@medo This idea is unnecessary.

Its really but really nessesary say that?

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Instead of saying that, maybe you can tell him how to improve the idea and not just discourage him.

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I don’t suggest that dropping clothes contain hitbox which will destroy spaceship upon contact. The boss is fast enough tho, anyways dropping gift and firepower while the boss dropping clothes is a pretty good idea.

my ideas is unnecessary i know that thank god for any thing

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