About invisible paint

Invisible paint option could create so much different cool-looking paintjobs, even thought it was not intended to have it. Can we make some expensive module (~5000 key ?) like hardpoint or something to be able to change color’s opacity, like how the trail option works? Or we could discuss possibility of adding this in future as something other.


How it would work? Isn’t the point of customizing your spaceship to make it visible and distinct from enemies and enemies bullets?

When you equip it in hardpoints slot, you can adjust opacity of different parts of ships for some price, like painting, which will be connected to this current invisibility module. There were some cool designs with half-transparent parts of ships, like on BoggY’s ship. It’s not necessary to make it absolutely invisible.


I think 5000 keys is overkill. I don’t think you should pay more for this than for an actual ship…


I think that about 250 keys would be ok

500 for enabling it
100 for every changes
now it’s ok for me

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