About Hypergun and Riddler

Hi, i’d like to suggest an additional weapon rework for Hypergun and Riddler, let’s hope it’s not too late.

First of all, iA did a good job balancing every weapon available, and i appreciate the effort they’ve made, but i’ve noticed these weapon lacks the defining features the other weapons have.

My idea for Hypergun is to give it fast fire rate that slows down as heat level rises. to be exact, Hypergun fires at maximum fire rate, then as heat level rises, it smoothly slows down to it’s minimum fire rate and stays for a second before overheating.

As for the power progression, at :zap:0, both maximum and minimum fire rate are same at 5/s, each power level increases maximum fire rate by 0.5/s until reaching :zap:10, then starting at :zap:6, each power level also increases minimum fire rate by 0.5s up until :zap:10. reaching :zap:20 increases both maximum and minimum fire rate by 20% clocking at 12/s and 9/s respectively. The volley progression is left intact.

Total DPS at :zap:20 calculated from these suggested fire rate rework will gives us 21600 from maximum firerate, while minimum fire rate gives us 16200, with 18900 as average DPS from firing until overheat.

Therefore, this should make Hypergun the reverse of Boron Railgun, where Boron gains DPS as heat rises, and Hyper loses DPS instead as heat level rises.

As for Riddler, making each shot pierces through enemy might be good idea. in example, starting at :zap:6, each shot can hit one more enemy behind it dealing halved damage. reaching :zap:20 increases damage dealt to enemy behind to full damage. No change made on volley progression.

And this concludes the topic, let me know if you have any question or another suggestion about this topic. Anyone shooting down this idea is expected.

I think we should leave Hypergun’s general gameplay as it is. Vulcan and Boron have their additional mechanics, and more damage along with them, and I think Hypergun should stay as the simple, no-nonsense option.

As far as Riddler is concerned, I along with galbatorix and the rest of the WBP 2.0 team considered suggesting either piercing or ricocheting. In its current state, I don’t think it needs either.
On max power it gets 15k DPS concentrated over a very small area, which means it at least shreds through single hard targets. Combined with 14 seconds of overheat, I think that’s a reasonable setup. You could argue that it struggles on timed waves (High-speed Chase and the lot), but imo that’s where overdrive could come into play.

Not every weapon needs to be complex. For the most part, they just need to work.


thank you, i expect this kind of response. both Riddler and Hypergun it’s good enough as a simple no-nonsense weapon, but i thought it would be a good idea if i suggest these kind of idea, but it isn’t. i guess i’m going to stay silent for a while. i got your point of keeping some weapons simple.

As for Hypergun, its spread pattern is its identity

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It really should be widened a bit more. I feel that Hypergun has lost its identity in fixing the volley progressions. They’re too close together to be viable.

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