About Elite - Hard and Very Hard Trophy

  1. [Question] What is an elite mission? I’ve play a lot of mission but still can not get an Elite Campain Trophy
  2. [Idea] I’ve found that the Hard and Very Hard Trophy is look like the same (the different about 2 trophy is Very Hard Trophy is bigger a little bit and it have some stripes on the handle), so I suggest to make the Very Hard Trophy more different like this trophy is make by… diamond and have 4 stars on it!

I think an elite mission is where the difficulty of the mission is from 90% and up?

I don’t know which missions count as elite missions, but as long as i know weekly challenge on SSH always elite.

(add) Yeah, very hard and elite mission trophy are golden, i think very hard should be platinum and elite should be diamond.

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If it’s short enough, it still count as hard or very hard, i think.

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Try to do a comet chase mission with max difficulty and lengh (Even on virtuoso skill level).
That’s a good (and easy) way to farm those trophies

The only trophy I got is Very Hard Trophy, not Elite

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So that mean I should play a mission with max difficuly and short duration?
Btw, what is SSH?

Superstar hero

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Max difficulty for the best chance of getting an Elite trophy and short duration so you can complete it faster

Can I get more key by using Superstar Hero Skill?

Superstar Hero increases key drop rates, but doesn’t give any extra bonus keys at the end (instead you get +200% score bonus).

About trophies, the maximum you can get on Rookie is Very Hard trophy for 100% difficulty, especially Weekly Challenge and Space Race. Elite can only be collected by using at least Seasoned.

On one update, one user suggested, which Interaction Studio accepted, that shorter missions (below half of their max length) tend to give you a lower trophy compared to its true difficulty.

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Activate Windows
Go to Settings to activate Windows

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Bad try for joke.

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