About Daily/Weekly Messages

I want to make sure that I got the correct information about Daily/Weekly Challenges, Space Races and Most Active Recruits:

  1. About Daily/Weekly Challenge:
    It depends on the player points, to get points you must:

    • Get medals as much as you can.
    • Play on difficult skills.
    • Destroy enemies, collect food, coins and power-ups, but which one to focus on first?
  2. About Space Races: You must win as quick as you can and there are some tricks and they are:

    • Click end session after every boss then login again.
    • Use Speedy Recovery&Poultry Payback.
    • Crash on every boss except the first one using Mass Condenser, but wouldn’t your weapon power go down when crashing into bosses that aren’t final?
  3. About Most Active Recruits: They depend on how much waves the player fly.

And I want to know what is the best weapons to get Meritorious Marksmanship Award, Is it Neutron Gun or Plasma Rifle or something else? And if used Bullet Spray Condenser to weapons like Utensil Poker would there be a chance to get it?

Also I want to know what are the best weapons, special weapons, spacecrafts and satellites for the Daily/Weekly Challenges and Space Races? And does the insights help too?

And if I’am missing something tell me, please, thanks for your time :grin:

I am going to sleep now and I’ll reply as soon as I wake up :smile:

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Its best if you dont use in Space Rush, some Expert will respond you the other, good night :wink:

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It’s “I’m” or “I am” not “I’am”

Collect food because they give more points and the are very common, also focus on powerups when they drop

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That’s right, but a cool way to masterthe space races is with the mass condensers

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Poultry Payback isn’t required there.


So you got in top 10 but never used special weapons in space races?

OK, should I focus more on the power-ups or getting the either brave or stupid medal?

@Sammarald when you crash into bosses that aren’t final wouldn’t you weapon power-up go down and it affect it in the next waves?

Yeah, which is why you have to get as much firepower as possible.


Got it, so what types of special weapons you use in space races?

Don’t use them because you will only lose time.


Oh, if you’re playing on hard and later waves, Absolver and Plasma is your best choice.

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Right, but how can you quote the blurred text?

Do this:

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