About Daily/Weekly Hard Worker medals

Are there any exploits or recommended weapons/spacecrafts to get the Daily/Weekly Hard Worker medals easier.


Ye, i also want to get these medals…

If you want those medals, you have to give it your all, and you shouldn’t use exploits or stuff like that

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I tried yesterday, but haven’t even been listed at top-10, does it depend on player points or wave number?

It depends on the wave number.

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I never won any hard challenge, best is #2. But one of your best friend is collecting power up, coins, food, etc. Use bx7 + 3 jets. Oh, weapon virtuousity also add some significant amount of points. Don’t die.

Hm, maybe I misunderstood. But, anyways, I’ll keep this message here if someone needs it.

I found bx7 is a nice balance, not too weak, not too big & slow. It has 3 satelites which are enough.


I think he’s talking about hard worker, not the dailies


Why BX-7? And should I use Appetite Attractor too?

So better fly easy and quick waves, it should depend on player points to be more fair.
I also remember @505 posting an exploit but deleted it for some reason.

I get what you’re saying, but not all people does that, some works hard but doesn’t get the medal because others got it from using exploits.

From what I’ve noticed is you have to have on average 8 hours of playtime per day to get into the list. I played weekly a lot to get in the list as well as earning a lot of keys, due to the sheer number of waves. Impractical but it works.


Sounds like hard work. Really.

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So you got them?!

I have 6 daily hard worker medals and 1 weekly worker medal

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Nice! But did you do it like @SpryterTerraxian did, or another way?

I don’t actually know if he did it or not

So how did you do it?

I was lucky enough to beat the others in the top 10, just try beating short missions with lots of waves over and over

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Ok, thanks and for the weekly one did you work all week for it or just a few days?

I worked a lot on 5 of that week’s days

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I shouldn’t use difficulties, right?