About Concept Arts in CIU

As we know we have a topic Post your Chicken Invaders artwork!.
Here’s my suggestion: When the game is released @InterAction_studios could then add all the artwork published by CI fans. There will be a special Concept Arts button in the game where every player will be able to see great drawings!


Well, We could see them as if was it like to be shown in the credits based on the artworks we had

So an in game art gallery? Is really cool and I like it!
(Manily because the artwork topic will return to contain actual… artworks istead of “bossy boss bossed bossade lol”)
Hero accademy may get a new button to let us admire all fan arts/concept arts

Maybe… No?

I was ironic (exept for artwork topic). Good idea but doesn’t fit the game in my honest opinion

You don’t want that. I swear that you don’t want that.


Didnt you want to see your Arts in the Art galery, bc I love the Yolk-Star what you draw, being serius

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The problem is we would need to add memes as well, because someone (IA themselves) added a boss based on a meme. So the meme is now a concept art.

That’s the world we’re living in right now.


This was a step that I like and dislike at the same time.
While Cannonade sounds both a funny joke and a challenge it deeply means that everything in this forum may get added… even humor.

Do we really want that?

If that is true we got a problem (and the medal medal must become an in-game thing).

Humor isn’t serious and shouldn’t be seen as that

The question wasn’t for me but I will say yes regardless
(“Look Henlley! A comet!”)

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But that’s a fact. It must become an in-game thing.

Anyway, returning to the topic. I think that we can have that place with fanart, but they must really be only the images that were used in idea topics (or any topics with suggestions). You know, some people actually prepare images to their ideas so they are better explained. And then we just take that image and add it to concept art section if the idea made it to the game. This could work and it wouldn’t be so massive (2 times chicken invaders memes topics + 1 fan-art topic is a lot of stuff)


One thing: size. IA said he wanted the game to be as light as possible.

If some are weak, IA may add the artworks of his choice.

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