About Chicken Invaders universe + Compares + level

  • Entire:
    greetings, recruit!
    in this topic we will check chicken invaders universe.
    (note: this topic is not finished, you can add your information to topic by wiki edit.)

  • “Your First Mission”:
    this mission is for new heroes.
    as you know it is a “Tutorial” mission.
    each wave has it’s own tutorial.
    let’s get started to research!
    (to be added)

  • spacecrafts:
    spacecrafts has different kinds.
    we will check which spacecraft is better to choose?
  1. satellites:
    from the satellite number better to choose “BX-9” Spacecraft
  2. hard-points:
    if you gonna buy a spacecraft for many hard points i suggest you to buy “BX” spacecrafts or “MULLER” spacecrafts. don’t choose “H&C” spacecrafts for big number of hard points.
  3. weapon:
    for the weapon damage “BX” spacecrafts are the best choices.
    it make the weapon double. it will have more damages.
  4. speed:
    “BX” spacecrafts are the worst spacecrafts as speed.
    the “H&C 101” is the speediest.

  • double team:
    in double team missions you just fight with 2 bosses [lvl 4]
    we check the bosses here and will give them levels.
  1. level (1-4):
    in here the easy bosses are lvl 1
    medium are lvl 2
    hards are lvl 3
    and the elite ones are lvl 4
  2. big chicken [lvl 2]:
    you know this boss is easy to beat, but not easy to beat with another boss
    the easy thing is that you can go in a side that the chicken is not drooping eggs.
  3. more will be added soon…

  • enemies:
    in here we give the enemies, level like the double team part
  1. chick:
    this type is really weak, so lvl 1
  2. ninja chick:
    we know that the chick will be near to us when we are near to him. the attack is same as an ordinary chick. will give him lvl 2
  3. pirate chick:
    it will try to don’t die by the hero’s attack. so will give him lvl 2
  4. assassin chick:
    this chick does not do anything. it will chase you when it damages (even the damage was 1) so it will have lvl 3
  5. coward:
    it drop waste when you damage to him every time. so lvl 2
  6. more will be added soon…

  • weapons:
    the weapons have different way to damage.
    we will check them and will give 1-3 lvls (weak-strong-super)
  1. moron railgun:
    this weapon is very weak so will give lvl 1
  2. more will be added soon…

this topic is not finished so help me by edit.
thanks for reading.


…what do you mean by research exactly? Just curious, since I like editing wiki topics.

i wanted to tell about CIU things and compare them.

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