About balloons

This isn’t good…

Ten thousand years later (well, waiting for 1 minute is really alot :wink:) :

As you can see, when fighting balloons, spread weapon (or even non-spread, because they are soooooooooooooooooo tanky) would make some … wanky situation, especially in some waves such as Corridor Shooter or Play both side. Right now the only weapon could 1 shot them is fully charged Absolver Pump. So i would make some suggestion:

  • Remove balloons from 2 mention waves.
  • Or/And nerf balloons HP: Just look at them, the frail chicken with some balloons are even more tanky than metal suit or armored :v . After fully kill 4-5 balloon chickens, and then look up, my heat meter was almost full (In SSH). Imagine when playing in the future with above SSH difficulty (not ironman), will they become even more tanky than a gatling chick lol! (i could buy some coolant or some stuff to counter this, but for new players, how could they be able to afford that?)
    => So what do you guys think? Thanks @InterAction_studios

And make the balloon can pop if shoot but can’t kill u aaaa

Eh, i thought our ship is already immune to their balloon?

I hate how they fall too slow.

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Yes, me know but just make them can pop

They’re meant to be as annoying as cowards, it’s normal, I don’t think a “fix” is needed

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Fixed in v.65 :medal_sports: Bug


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