About Asteroids

Hi again.
I have a idea to make asteroids look better…

What i’m thinking is that asteroids should have some sort of trail behind them especially during waves because that would look much more natural.

Thanks for reading this topic!

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So how can we distinguish between a comet and an asteroids ?

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Well there is a way …

by making their trail look different
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By their colors i think.

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I mean a much smaller trail not like a trail of a comet!

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But they already have a trail of smoke…

Also, you have a strange knowledge of natural. It’s a rock in space, why should it make a trail? Comet is understandable, it’s trail gets bigger when it is closer to sun.


WHAT!!!I’ve never seen one!

I think it’s in the 120th anniversary mission.

Well yes, in that screenshot it is in the 120th anniversary mission

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No, actually it’s in all asteroid waves
(Actually, no, I tested out a normal Mission and there’s no smoke trails coming with the asteroids, sorry for bothering you!)


Well I didn’t now that but anyway they should add it in normal waves too.

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Then pay attention Recruit! …

to your surroundings

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Well I’m not a recruit im just new in this forum not in CIU

So how do you know about this?

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This conversation is going a bit off-topic. How about we focus on The_Killer’s suggestion?

About who?



About this @The_Killer


In 120th anniversary it makes sense: original Chicken Invaders game had white smoke dots as a trail.

In regular mission it doesn’t make any sense. Rock can’t be smoking, smoking is bad.


Those trails cause visibility issue

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