Ability to reduce/disable the particle effects or make them more transparent

Hello there! this is more about all of the chicken invader games, not just CIU, and that is that the particle effects can sometimes be a bit annoying. Don’t get me wrong, the particles do add a lot to the games, but the problem sometimes is that I can’t see when the particles are in the way, for example in Chicken Invaders: Cluck of the dark side when I defeat a boss, the particles hide the weapon presents, and I accidentally pick some weapon that I don’t like, or when I use a rocket, sometimes a egg stays and hits me, and I lose health. I don’t think they should be removed eternally, as they add a lot to the game(s), but I do think they should be tweaked a bit, as I said in the title, maybe add a option to decrease the particle effects, or make them transparent, or some other thing.

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Definitely add an option for it. I don’t want to be forced to play without particle effects. Yeah,it is annoying when the boss covers a present. On the other hand,when you use a missile,it shouldn’t be possible for some of the eggs to stay on the screen. What could happen is that the enemy might stay on the screen(because that can happen when you use missiles against enemies that are resistant to them) and launch a projectile while the explosion particles are still there. Even then,this was almost never an issue for me.

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This, I believe, already exists in Chicken Invaders games with the detail level option.


Oh,I never even touched that option,so I didn’t know

Neither did I, thanks @EmeraldPlay :smiley:

I may have done something wrong, but I didn’t see a difference between low and high details. At least not in visibility of presents after killing bosses.

So I vote on more advanced graphic options in menu.