Ability to make your bullets more transparent

Hello! I just came across this game out of pure nostalgia and I immediately wanted to support you guys and bought the license!

With that said, is it possible to have the ability make your bullets more transparent? With a game this hectic, being able to spot out stray enemy bullets is crucial for the players, and certain weapons that are visually busy like Photon Swarm might actually be at a disadvantage to use compared to visually clean weapons like Neutron Gun or Fork Utensils.

It would be great if you guys could consider this! It would improve the game’s readability by a lot.


Hi! Welcome in the comunity!
Try turning progamer mode on (you can find it in the settings menu).
Weapons will still clutter your screen but all flashy visuals will be less annoying

Also colorblind mode adds a letter on top of all presents, making them easyer to spot and identify


Where could I find this in the settings menu? I tried looking for it but couldn’t find it.

Go to Options:

Then go to Gameplay:

There, you will find the pro-gamer mode, right here:


A tiny bit late here, but the option you’re actually looking for is “Detail” in the Graphics options menu. Change it to low, and you’ll only see the necessary amount of particle effects, and that also affects the Photon Swarm!


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