Ability to change special weapons

Can we have the ability to change our special weapons?
My idea is that you can use your scroll wheel to choose between special weapons.
Please add it because it will be really helpful.


how about keyboard


there’s plenty of keys on keyboard

the potential mobile players be complaining

You can change controls.

how about mobile

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Problematic, but probably doable. I believe I talked about this a good while back, but I think it might be possible to make it so that holding the special weapon button brings up a list/panel/radial menu/whatever would work best for a small touchscreen. It’s unlikely you’d be able to utilize that in a desperate situation, but it’s probably better than nothing.


you can spin or just press right of left to the special weapons button.

Mouse: scroll wheel
Keybaord: Tab to switch
Console: unable to answer because I don’t have a console
Mpbile: Tap on the special HUD open the menu to select your SW

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You know, I’ve been thinking, and this is just my opinion, but why a mobile version? I feel like CIU is becoming a too complex game to get ported to mobile, one of the issues is already explained here! You can’t switch superweapons, and even if it got added, how would it get added on mobile? I can’t think of any comfortable way for it to be added. Even if a mobile port happened and the game got changed a bit to be compatible on mobile, I don’t think mobile players would have the same enjoyable experience the PC version gives.


tap the icon


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