A Weird Way of Redesigning Hypergun

This is not in depth suggestion, but I do some complicated calculations here.

Okay, first I want to cap hypergun’s base firing rate to 5/sec.

Then make its damage per salvo linearly growing. 150 on 0 fp, 300 on 1 fp, and it would be 1800 on max fp.

And this is the main point of the suggestion, “The longer you hold fire button, the faster it shoots”. So if you hold the fire button, it starts to accelerate the firing speed.

On 0 fp its max firing speed is 2x (10/s) and it increases so on max power is 4x (20/s).

The higher its level, the faster it accelerates, on 0 fp is 4 sec to reach top speed, while max power only requires 2.5 sec.

Overheat rate is based per volley. If it shoots faster, then it also overheats faster. So you may want to use it in burst on higher fp. Maintaining overheat rate will be harder at higher level, but it gives an advantage for fast response high dps.

That’s what I would call Hypergun.


That’s decent. With right numbers would probably work reallty well. (Though I think that overheat rate/shot should also decrease on higher power levels, so the actual overheat time stays relatively the same. )

My idea is much more simplistic. In addition to stronger volleys, powerups also increase the fire rate. So basically the higher power, the faster it shoots. For me that sound like Hypergun too.

Here are the numbers I made. You can treat it as a sneek peek for WBP’s next part xD


Yeah, I know, these numbers are just a placeholder, maybe it should be changed a bit (or a lot) but I’m too lazy to do it, but at least you get the points

  • Damage per volley increasing in linear growth
  • Base firing rate is same at all level
  • The longer you hold fire button, the faster it shoots
  • Max firing rate increases as the firepower levels up
  • Overheat rate is based per volley
  • The higher its firepower, the faster it accelerates to the max firing rate
  • It means it also overheats faster if you hold long enough
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That’s already a thing

It both is and isn’t. Because manual fire rate doesn’t change and is always higher, or equal(almost) to its automatic fire rate. This makes Hypergun’s effective fire rate 6,5 on levels 0-8 and 6,66 on levels 9-10. Only transition that actually increases the fire rate is from 10 to max.

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Sounds fun to get a present and keep shooting without release.

I like the idea a lot.

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