A solution to Early game key blocks

A lot of people new to the franchise will go bankrupt with extra lifes.
A new mountable Item: Permanent Chance
This Item is a Auto-use item, 3 maximum, that lasts infinite missions. It would give +1 extra life, but will make your weapon damage Slightly weaker (5% weaker). This Item costs 250 keys. IF possible, make it a gift at tier 5 or 10. That way, players would survive much more time with less keys lost.

Permanent extra lifes?
  • Yes
  • Meh
  • No

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Yeah, I expect newbies to fly a hard mission with 0 skill and go to brazil.
With -1 knowledge about Engrish

Begineers have a lot of easy missions to try and survive with just 1 lives. and those missions are a suitable place to farm keys from. Besides I may remind of that 50% nerfed difficulty that begineers have in very early moments of their gameplay.

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I don’t think that adding a new item would be good game design, especially if that nerfs your offensive capabilities and gives you only one life.
New players die a lot. One extra life isn’t enought.

I think the old life system should be re-implemented:

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I agree but better manage the requirements to get it or otherwise it would be exploitable.

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Well, to be honest, if this item added to game, then multiplayer will be BOOM always

Starting lives : its your choice,

and bonus lives like older Chicken invaders episodes while playing long missions doesn’t depend on skill.

This is exactly the reason why I cant save upto 10,000 keys for the best VF model.

40% to Lives. (I will not let them go under 25 no matter what)

20% to Fuel

10% to special weapons.

30% Income.


Its not 50% nerf difficulty, its that missons above 50%are tier locked.

:roll_eyes: We already had this conversation.
Invasion mission difficulty is capped at 50% + 10% for each tier. Neither of you is fully correct.

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That’s what I meant, how every 10% you need +1 tier, then the missions above 50% are tier locked.

…Invasion missions have a tier requirement of 0. All of them. A mission with 100% difficulty effectively turns into a 60% difficulty mission at tier 1.

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