A social experiments

I’ve been thinking about this for like 30 minutes, and this is my idea about a social experiment:
Basically, it is an experiment involving violating the ToS (yes very funny), but this might somehow work out with IA permissions.
The idea is, to make an account (community/social account) that everyone can have access to and play on it for a limited amount of time.
I know, this sounds stupid considering how hard it is to control people’s behavior, but we can start small and slowly we will add more and more used to be able to play on this community account.
First, we will start with a group containing the most trustworthy people on both the forum and the game itself to start the experiment.
Then, we will slowly add people to have the account access (of course they have to be tested first).
So, these are the general rules to it:

  1. You can only keep and play the account for 24 hours, and over that and you will get temp ban access from the account (1d-5d-30d-1year ban) and you will gain access over the account again after a span of 1 week
  2. Please don’t access the account when someone is using it. It will be both annoying for them and for yourself
  3. Do not do stuff that violates the ToS further than this experiment does.
  4. Do not give access to the account to anyone other than you.
  5. *(there will be a staff system for this experiment if I can gather volunteers) Follow the staff’s instruction on how to use the account properly

This is a stupid idea im not gonna lie
Under here is the poll whether or not this experiment should be conducted:

The poll
  • Conduct the experiment
  • Don’t conduct the experiment

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Dont even know how to do it with Interactive man permission

how is this “community” account different compared to a normal account
and, maybe add any kind of global reward when total playtime reaches cap or, anything?

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A account where many people play with it?

ask IA

Probably a CHL or keys.

What happens

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