A small upgrade for buying fuel in the store

while I was buying fuel in a store not at a station, I noticed “in my opinion” (this is just my opinion) a small oversight. I mean the types of fuel to buy. The “medium” fuel package costs 19 keys for 100 fuel and the “large” 185 keys for 1000 fuel. I want to say here that the large package with gasoline in this light seems to be more to the medium package, quite “Ultra package”. Here, I would like to list the appearance of the correct fuel packages for purchase
1000 fuel
500 fuel
100 fuel
10 fuel


Could easily delete the 10 fuel purchase, maybe even the 100 fuel one(tho for the sake of those who just want to travel to a neighboring system or whatever and are sure they won’t spend any more fuel than that, ig it could be kept. But 10 fuel pack is just useless, almost no trip consumes that little). Not sure why you’d ever buy them over the 1k fuel one.

In my opinion, the store should have a slider that would allow you to buy as much fuel, as you need (in multiples of 5), instead of having multiple offers like it does now. You would also always pay the same amount per unit, so buying more fuel wouldn’t be more profitable.


it could also be a good idea but I think it would be better to put it at gus’s gas because in the store it is no way to put it (maybe it is, but when the creators stick to this pattern, it makes no sense to change)

But they are exactly the same.


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