A small supernova debris splits into a same size debris?


Yep, it’s a thing. They can even split from smaller to bigger

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Cool. But I still think it’s kind of weird because a long thin debris splits into a more rounded one with the radius bigger than the original’s width.

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Oh and in this mission, same skill and difficulty (97-100%, SSH), usually I get 6 charity powerups in the first wave (2nd picture) but sometimes 5 in the first and 1 in the second (1st picture). I read that 6 charity powerups will be spawn in 100% difficulty, but this mission should start the at 97% difficulty, right? Why the random?

You should consider the Z-axis which isn’t visible :sweat_smile:


A fix for this is coming in v.38:
:bug: Fixed bug with some Charity potentially spawning outside visible area in waves with a large zoom (e.g. Egg City) (@anon27929001 :medal_sports: Bug)


Nice. And a bit sad for me for recording the mission for nothing :sob:

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